ATV - QUAD Adventure (Wolf & Viper ; Split Outdoor Adventure ; Alkar Adventures)

Name: Wolf & Viper j.d.o.o.
Activity: Avanturistički turizam, vođene ture na ATV vozilima
Mob: +385 (0)98 907 8657
Facebook: @wolfandviper
Instagram: wolfandviper_atv

A real adventure treat that gives you an opportunity to get in touch with your wild side. For all real lovers of nature and extreme sports, you can experience 160 km of adrenaline off-road driving (3-4 hours, more than 40 km) where you take matters into your own hands, through local roads, dirt, rivers, mountainous regions and canyons. What adds spice to your adventure is caving, climbing, paintball etc., depending on the level and preferences of a group. What is left at the end of the story is a long-lasting remembrance of the feeling of adrenaline, dust in your mouth and a vivid impression. Depending on your wishes and possibilities, you can choose from 3 degrees/intensities of adventure.

Name: Split Outdoor Adventure
Tel.: +385 21 688 505
Mob.: +385 (0)98 981 5451, +385 91 151 5451

Name: Alkar Adventures
Activity: Buggy, kayak, bike i hiking
Mob: +385989480875
Facebook: @hotelalkaradventures