Airsoft is a team-based game and a hobby in which skirmishes of a military and police nature are simulated through the use of airsoft replicas of military weapons and other military equipment (garments, shoes, vests, radio operations, camouflage techniques).

The look, size and weight of airsoft replica weaponry are such that they closely emulate those of real weapons. Biodegradable pellets are projected through the use of compressed air. The market offers airsoft replicas of almost all models of modern rifles and machine pistols, World War II weapons, snipers, shotguns, machine guns as well as futuristic weapons that can be seen in popular films. The use of the replicas is multipurpose since they can be used in training and upgrading police and military units, by individuals fostering and instructing warlike and fighting skills but also for fun and recreation.

Airsoft missions for firms or adventure-eager companies can be organised on the training ground of ″Patriot″ adventure tourism combatant association. The training ground is located on the left shore of the Peručko Lake reservoir, in the village of Dabar, at the distance of around fifteen kilometres from Sinj. Small camouflage houses for the town fight simulation, trenches, pillboxes, shelters, control towers, combined with natural obstacles, dry stone walls and woods all guarantee a unique adrenaline experience.

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