Delmates vs Romans Match

The idea of a match review between the Delmates and the Romans is based on the historical facts related to the tombstone of Gaius Laberius.

In order to promote the theory about the origins of football in this area, the freelance artist Dean Poljak made a replica of the tombstone and created a game adapted to the time the original stele dates from.

The match is in fact a theatrical performance of comic character, played by the invented rules which are inspired by the spirit of ancient times. The leading roles belong to Emperor Diocletian and Empress Prisca with their advisers, surrounded by guards and soldiers and in this way separated from the field, where there are bandsmen, a referee and players, ten of them in both teams, that of the Delmates and of the Romans, all of them dressed in authentic costumes.

Download: Pages from FIFA News No. 71 - April 1969, pages 1-5.pdf

Delmates vs Romans Match 26 July 2020
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