Panj, Rumin Family Farm

At times you must have asked yourself, what is village life like in the Inland Dalmatia? Take the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of becoming one of the family, if only for a moment, in the village of Rumin, close to the Cetina River. Hospitable hosts will serve you homemade brandy (rakija), fritule (Carnival fritters) as well as many other dishes typical of local cuisine, thus evoking the atmosphere of rural life. Relishing homemade food and wine, accompanied by folklore and song, will mark the evening. Experience the pleasure of homely country life in natural surroundings and the typical rural atmosphere and have a good time!

Seating capacity: 150.
Leisure activities: children's Alka, rope pulling, sack race, riding.

Address: Seosko gospodarstvo Panj
Hrvace – Rumin 8
Jelena Markulin
Tel: +385 (0)21 829 630
Mob: +385 (0)91 796 0553

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