Music evenings at Kamičak fort


Thanks to the rich material and intangible cultural heritage, as well as a   number of various cultural events, the town of Sinj and the Cetinska krajina region have already made their gold mark on the tourist map of Croatia. The manifestations in the Alka town have been attracting more attention and visitors thanks to the aspiration towards sustainable tourism and coexistence of carefully planned activities, in which both the locals and guests enjoy.
One of such described events are the Music Evenings at Kamičak Fort.

The fort above today’s Sinj was built in 1712 as a star shaped bastion filled with soil. In the fort itself lies a tower which was used as a watchtower. In it there is a clock, still fully functioning, with the bell cast in one of the most famous Colbachini foundry, in the Veneto region of Italy. In the authentic and unique Kamičak fort, on a beautiful stage below the night sky, a number of classical, traditional and jazz concerts take place. These, perhaps somewhat neglected musical forms, are thus popularized in Sinj, the town with a rich musical tradition.

Sinj Tourist Board has been organizing successful concerts here for a few years. The following artists have performed in this authentic location until now: Academic accordion orchestra “Ivan Goran Kovačić”, Sara Renar, Jazz swing quintet “Repassage”, Wind quintet “Kalamos” and in 2017, with the support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the unique Samobor percussion ensemble “Sudar Percussion”, who elevated the quality of their performance to something which we strive for in the future. All the performances amazed those present, and the ambience of the old fort under the stars has turned out to, as we say in Sinj, really hit the target.

The Music Evenings at Kamičak Fort program is planned for 18 August 2018, starting at 20:30 and ending at 23:00. Sinj residents and guests will have the opportunity to experience renowned traditional music artists Dunja Knebl with the Kololira band and the band Veja.