The play 'The Siege of Sinj 1715'


August 9th
20:30 at the main square (Pijaca)
21:30 at the Alka Knights Court

Organized by the Sinj Tourist Board, the play ‘The Siege of Sinj 1715’ will take place at 20:30 on August 9th at the main square (Pijaca) and at 21:30 at the Alka Knights Court. The play celebrates the glorious defense of Sinj from the Ottoman invasion in 1715 and the events that preceded the battle.

This historical spectacle takes place in two acts. The first act begins at the main market in Sinj (Pijaca), when the Ottomans dramatically and violently conquered the town of Sinj, burning the church and taking people into slavery.

The second act of the play will be staged at the Alka Knights Court, previously called Kvartiri. Despite being in a hopeless situation, the Defense Council does not take the retreat from the enemy into consideration and decides to defend the town from the numerous, superior and stronger enemy. According to the story, it is the Mother of God who helped to defeat the Ottomans and set free the town of Sinj from the enemies’ yoke. The town became the rampart of Christianity. Led by friar Pavao Vučković (played by friar Gabrijel Hrvatin Jurišić, a high school teacher, scientist, writer and editor, true source of wisdom), joyful and grateful believers have celebrated their Protectress even more.

The author of the dramatic template staging is prof. Velimir Borković. The play is performed in collaboration with the Monastery of Our Lady of Sinj. Many amateur theatre members will take part in the play, the baritone – Ratomir Kliškić, members of the historical unit ‘Kliški uskoci’, members of Historical Weapon Association ‘Gromova Zagorja – Čuvara Lijepe naše’, the Veteran’s Cooperative ‘Patriot’, Rera and Minstrels Association from Otok, KUD ‘Dicmo’, KUD ‘Glavice’, the Association for the Preservation of Heritage Cetina Region, ‘Sinjski ferali’, the Alka Knights Society’s horsemen and the Alka Horse Paddock’s horses. Mr. Davor Ivković will take care for the carriage. The assistant to the director is Bruno Barać.

The Siege of Sinj 1715 is a unique scenic spectacle and a kind of time machine – the whole town of Sinj becomes the stage of real events and with its authenticity returns numerous viewers into the past. This year’s play is dedicated to the late longtime director of the play – Rade Perković and to all Croatian Defenders.

The entrance is free of charge.