DISCOVER CROATIA-EXPLORING ROUTE Project – Second Episode on Sinj Broadcast


The Discover Croatia – Exploring Route Project was filmed in September 2013 in Croatia, where five foreign journalists/tourists (Ana Carrasco Vilapun – Spain, Violeta Teetor – Finland, Mike and Florence Lince – USA, Marcio Caparica – Brazil) had the opportunity to get to know Croatia through its main attributes: nature, heritage, gastronomy and hospitality of the local people. The project is supported by the tourist boards across the country as well as other project sponsors. Both production and post-production are fully signed by Dhar media and TouristarTV.

The subject of the second episode is the Sinjska Alka, the knights tournament more than three centuries old, protected by UNESCO as world intangible heritage, where you can only participate if you are born in the Cetinska Krajina Region. The Alka is the most important event in the region held every summer on the first August weekend.

''And what about the prize, what does the winner get?'' – asked Ashley Colburn.

''The prize? The pride, that's the prize.'' – answered Damir Perković, tourist guide presenting the Alka.

Except for the traditional Alka, the journalists tried their hand at the student Alka of the Alka Knights Society of Students in Sinj.