Sinj Arambaši Promotion in the Medpaths Project


The arambaši preparation workshop took place yesterday in the Rustika Villa at Radošić, in the framework of the Medpaths project funded by the European Union through the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, the leading project partner the Public Institution RERA S.D. for Coordination and Development of Split-Dalmatia County. One of the aims of the Project is to achieve a joint tourist offer of the region, that is, the Project is aimed at connecting the producers of traditional gastronomic products.

The participants in the workshop are moderator Zlatko Gall and members of jury: Stephan Macchi (chef), Srećko Radnić (RERA Director), Zlatko Gall, Damir Skelin and Ivica Držak (presentation chef).

Zlatko Gall referred to the historical origins of the dish, whereas Stephan Macchi talked about similar dishes in Europe that have already become a brand and as such have served the tourist purpose. After the introductory part, Mrs Draga Pavić, Mrs Marija Milanović and Mrs Nediljka Macan participated in the arambaši preparation workshop. The jury voted the arambaši of Mrs Nediljka Macan the best. The executive producer and organiser of the workshop is Tomi Božiković.

In the framework of the Medpaths project a workshop will also take place on 30 May in the Ero restaurant at Vrlika.