Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) Financial Support for Town of Sinj Tourist Board Projects


The Croatian National Tourist Board has provided financial support, the total sum of 85, 000 Kunas, for the following projects of the Town of Sinj Tourist Board (the CNTB competition, March 2013):

1. Restoring Miletin Spring

The Miletin spring is one of the famous springs in Sinj, situated northwestwards at the foot of the historic fortress of Sinj. The supply of the Petrovac fountain, which is located in the very centre of Sinj, with water from the Miletin dates back to 1878. Over time, however, the spring was neglected, particularly in 1912 when Sinj was supplied with quality drinking water from the Kosinac spring. Financial resources were used for landscaping the area by building access paths and stone steps, placing benches, a dustbin and informational plate, and planting various ornamental plants. The arrival of spring will show us the Miletin in all its splendour.

The Town of Sinj Tourist Board would like to thank Mr Ognjen Kolak who has pointed out the importance of restoring this valuable spring to its former good condition. Our thanks also go to the Vitezovi Sinj Scout Association who have put all their efforts into preserving the Miletin spring through their annual clean-up campaings.

2. Placing Benches on the Old Town Walk and Gazebo / Belvedere

Ten wooden benches and a dustbin have been placed on the walk immediately below the top of the Old Town. Although, at first glance, it appears a small contribution to this significant tourist attraction of the town, we believe that the project has increased the level of both presentation and functionality for all visitors of the gazebo / belvedere.   

3. Putting Up Tourist Signal Plates

In order to enable tourists to orientate themselves more easily, we have put up tourist signal plates on seven locations in the centre of Sinj. The signal plates are also aimed at reminding local population about the cultural heritage present in their everyday life.

4. Website Update and Translation

Aware of the importance of online promotion, we have added new contents to our website ( and made it available in German, Italian and French.

Our main aim is to improve the quality of visiting and staying in Sinj for all our tourists. It is our guiding principle where planning and realisation of new projects is concerned.

Photo: Ante Gašpar