Science Festival


This year also, from 3 to 7 November 2013, the fourth Science Festival – Sinj will be held, aimed at promoting science and emphasising its importance for the development of modern society. A number of eminent scientists as well as respected guests from Croatian public life will attend the Festival. An event like this is of the utmost importance, since through its organisation scientific attainments and science indispensability in all progress-seeking societies are presented in an interesting way to the young of Sinj and the whole Cetinska Krajina Region, but also to all those interested.   

This year the emphasis is on current affairs and future challenges to science and higher education in the Republic of Croatia, science as a base for economic development, the relationship between politics and science in Croatia, and the highly topical issue of introducing health education into Croatian schools. Among others, those addressing the audience include the former ministers Radovan Fuchs and Gvozden Flego, rectors Ivan Pavić, Aleksa Bjeliš and Željko Tanjić, Religious Affairs Adviser to President Josipović Stephen Bartulica, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) in Zagreb Nedjeljko Perić, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) in Split Dragan Poljak, Vjeran Radatović, Deputy Director, R&D Centre, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, the renowned scientists Slobodan Vukičević and Tomislav Domazet Lošo, but also many other eminent Croatian and European scientists.  

 The Science Festival, the synonym for the Town of Sinj together with the Feast of the Assumption and the Alka of Sinj, has given vigorous impetus to the initiative of the young of Sinj and the Cetinska Krajina Region, who have popularised the Alka knights' town through the Festival itself.  

 This year's fourth Science Festival guest of honour will be Minister of Science, Education and Sports Željko Jovanović who will also open the Festival on 3 November 2013 (Sunday) at 06.30pm at the Alka Knights Court. The Science Festival's programme is available on, and the contact person is Mrs Anđela Paštar Krnčević, MBA. Feel free to contact her at: mobile phone: 098 807 064; e-mail:


Organising committee:

Danica Ramljak, DVM, PhD

Mate Jagnjić, BSc

Marija Mađor Božinović

Anđela Paštar Krnčević, MBA