Total Inland Dalmatia Project discovering the beauties of the Dalmatian hinterland


The "Total Inland Dalmatia" project has been recognised as an important segment of tourism promotion and has therefore been supported by the Ministry of Tourism through the ''Innovative Tourism'' programme. The project has been initiated by the English blogger Paul Bradbury who, after the Total Hvar and Total Split web portals, having discovered strong tradition and unspoilt nature of the Dalmatian hinterland, has thought of developing the Total Inland Dalmatia web portal. The project's aim is to promote the offer of additional attractions to visitors of the Dalmatian hinterland through various blogs on activities in the area mentioned. In order for the project to be implemented, cooperation has been established between the Town of Sinj Tourist Board, the Magoo Studio, the publisher of the travel magazine Dalmatian Hot Spots, the Ampelos d.o.o. / Ltd company with their Dalmatia Outdoors web portal, and Dalmatia Explorer, the provider of sports, recreational and adventure activities. The project has also been supported by the local tourist boards: Trilj, Vrlika, Imotski, Vrgorac, Dugopolje, Drniš, Knin and Skradin. Hopefully there will be many more of those interested joining this new adventure which is supposed to start in about a month's time.

Photo: Ilija Veselica