Kamičak – music programme


The successful tradition of musical evenings at our favourite Kamičak fort continues this year. Newly restored, one of the most famous visual symbols of Sinj welcomes the KALAMOS wind quintet

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The 1715 Siege of Sinj Performance


The performance depicting the glorious 1775 battle of Sinj, which was the subject of many works of poetry and art, as well as the events that preceded it, will be held on 11 August (Thursday) at 20:30 at Pijaca, in organization of Sinj Tourist Board

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301. Alka Tournament


Born in a time when Europe saw the rise many similar chivalry games, Alka is the only one to be preserved in its original form, while becoming a unique tournament recognized and protected by the UNESCO on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List

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Sites of Sinj and the Cetinska krajina region – in a video by the Sinković brothers


Top Croatian athletes, the Sinković brothers, have filmed an interesting promotional video depicting sites of Sinj and the Cetinska krajina region, while preparing themselves in Sinj and Lake Peruća for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

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Rural Products Fair


After celebrating last year's 300th anniversary of the chivalric Alka tournament and the famous victory against the Turks, Sinj, once again, eagerly awaits its guests. Concentrated on the future, urban and economic development, with a firm ground in invaluable heritage of its ancestors, the town of Alka is once again hosting the successful and popular manifestation called Rural Products Fair