Science Festival


This year also, from 3 to 7 November 2013, the fourth Science Festival – Sinj will be held, aimed at promoting science and emphasising its importance for the development of modern society. A number of eminent scientists as well as respected guests from Croatian public life will attend the Festival. An event like this is of the utmost importance, since through its organisation scientific attainments and science indispensability in all progress-seeking societies are presented in an interesting way to the young of Sinj and the whole Cetinska Krajina Region, but also to all those interested.

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Total Inland Dalmatia Project discovering the beauties of the Dalmatian hinterland


The "Total Inland Dalmatia" project has been recognised as an important segment of tourism promotion and has therefore been supported by the Ministry of Tourism through the ''Innovative Tourism'' programme. The project has been initiated by the English blogger Paul Bradbury who, after the Total Hvar and Total Split web portals, having discovered strong tradition and unspoilt nature of the Dalmatian hinterland

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How did I Discover Cetina?


How to write about something if all of it, but really all, was and is utterly perfect? Does it make any sense at all to go in for something like that? Even fairy tales have entanglements but this time, really, believe me, everything went absolutely perfect!

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International Gallop Races


International Gallop Races, "Sinj" Racecourse, 14 Sep 2013
Events schedule:

04.15pm – International Gallop Race "Sokol Gallop Club Cup"
05.15pm – International Gallop Race "Cetina Region Municipalities Cup"
06.00pm – International Gallop Race "Town of Sinj Cup"

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Climb to Svilaja Peak


This year also, the Svilaja Mountaineering Club (Planinarsko društvo ''Svilaja'') will organise the traditional climb to Svilaja, through the Zelovo village, on 14 September 2013.

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