Married Women's Costume

Headwear consisted of the vindelj or findelj (also known as the kovrljak – usually straw-knitted and hemmed), covered with the okrug (white headscarf). Only its front could be seen, as it was covered with the šudar, a large silk headscarf, falling down the back. Married women also used to wear white linen shirts with embroidered sleeves, the colourful silk krožet (piece of clothing for the upper part of the body, having no sleeves and open in front), the dark blue homespun oplećak (women's piece of clothing for the top part of the body, made from wool and with sleeves, worn in wintertime), the long pleated skirt or kotul, made from dark blue homespun, the ječerma (knee-length sleeveless open front simple jacket) decorated with yellow braid, the silk rose apron or traverša, and the silk band or cendalj round the right hip.

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