International Promotion in the USA – Sinjska Alka and Sinj as Activity Holiday Destination


At the invitation of Ms Marina Pavletić and Ms Gordana Čačinović, both from Sinj and permanent residents of the US, the promotion of the tercentenary of the glorious victory over the Ottomans will be held in Chicago and New York, as well as the promotion of the knightly Alka and the town of Sinj...

''1st Boggie Sinj 2015'', skydivers meeting (16 March 2015)


For the following ten days, the Sinj Airfield will be the venue for the ''1st Boggie Sinj 2015'' skydivers meeting, instructional training and tandem skydiving, organised by the Sky Concept Parachute Club from Germany and supported by the Town of Sinj and the Aeroklub Sinj. The event will take place from March 12th to 23rd...

June 06 Saturday
June 06 Saturday
June 06 Saturday

Modern history of Sinj begins in 1715, when a small number of Sinj defenders put up fierce resistance to Ottoman conquerors. Following the lead of Father Pavao Vučković and owing to the intercession of the Miraculous Madonna of Sinj, the people of Sinj defeated the enemy who was much superior to them.