3rd Cetina region carnival Feb 25, 2017


After the past two extremely successful carnivals featuring the traditional masks and characters of the Cetina region, we eagerly expect the same this year. This year’s carnival, organized by the Town of Sinj and the Sinj Tourist Board, will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017...

Advent in Sinj


Our town has also joined the glorious and fun trend of expectant waiting for the holidays and New Year in a cheerful spirit of peace and togetherness. We have shown that besides the hustle and bustle of hot July and August days, we also hit the mark in the winter wonderland...

The Knights Tournament of Alka is held every year as a token of remembrance of the glorious victory over the Ottomans that took place in 1715. The Alka serves as the pledge of both the unbroken tradition and gratitude to heroic ancestors.