Croatian Tourist Board elects the destination of the year


This year, the Croatian Tourist Board will be electing the most popular Croatian destinations in several different categories:

Most popular destination for summer vacation tourism

Most popular destination for health tourism

Authentic “malo misto” Mediterranean destination

Most popular rural tourism destination

Most popular continental Croatian destination...

Dalmatian El Camino de Santiago


Catholic Marian churches have always had a special place in the hearts of the believers. They worshipped the Holy Virgin Mary and in times of trouble prayed to her for help. They relied on her heavenly intercession deeming her the Queen of the Croats. She has also been called fidelissima advocate Croatiae (most faithful Croatian advocate) throughout history...

The Cetina River, the longest river in Central Dalmatia (105 km), has its source at the foot of the Dinarides abundantly supplying eight sources with water. The deepest source is 130 metres deep.